There are many different supplement companies out in the world today. This office uses multiple companies to provide patients with the best products available on the market today. Please contact the office for more information on a certain supplement. Most of these are in the office, but supplements can also be ordered and received in 2 business days. 


  • Vitamin D 1000
  • UltraFlora Balance
  • Probiotics for Babies
  • PhytoMulti
  • Ultra Glucose Control 7 day

Standard Process

  • Catalyn
  • MediHerb
  • 21 Day Purification Program

Nordic Naturals

  • Fish Oils
  • ProOmega
  • ProDHA 1000
  • ProOmega Junior

This office also carries Discat Plus, which contains 500mg glucosamine sulfate, condroitin sulfate/perna canaliculus + nutrients for the vertebral disc.