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Is Ibuprofen giving you the middle finger when you ask it to relieve your pain. Does stretching, despite how bendy you are, fail to get the job done. Do you have headaches that acetaminophen just can’t mitigate? Do you go to sleep and wake up in the morning?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Heppe Chiropractic has a solution for you - except the sleeping part, you should probably let that slide.

Dr. Scott, 1/2 of the Heppe duo, is a miracle worker. Or perhaps he’s just really great at understanding the human body and how imbalance in one part can affect another area of your frame. My best example is yesterday I rolled in with a profound headache which was definitely caused by tension in my upper back and neck area. About 15 minutes later, probably sooner because I didn’t actually mark the moment the headache vanished, no more pain in the grape.

Additionally, my original appointment was today, but I emailed him to ask for an earlier appointment if he ended up with a cancellation or opening. Dr. Scott called me, offered two time slots. Win! One less unnecessary day of pain.

Dr. Scott is what I would call a normal guy with an amazing skill at manipulating the body. If balance in your health and wellness is important, and you’ve never been to a chiropractor for pain relief, this is the place to go. He won’t try to up-sell you additional appointments, but he will gauge how many treatments will be of benefit, and suggest as much. How do I know? Basically, I had to beg him to come by every 4 weeks instead of a 6-week interval.

Okay, this is getting a touch long. I’ll close with this: if you gave someone $30 (co-pay) and it truly felt like they handed you $1000 in return, how do you think you’d feel? That’s what you get from Heppe Chiropractic.

The end.

- Richard Weldner Google Review

"Dr Heppe was absolutely phenomenal! She began the appointment on time and explained everything that she would do before she did it. This was my first time seeing a chiropractor so I did not know what to except at all. Dr Heppe explained how each stretch, etc., would help and what to expect while she did it. She also is very responsive when setting appointments and has great availability throughout the week. She also did work on my 5 week old daughter (for acid reflux). It was also my daughters first time seeing a chiropractor so I am unsure of her results yet, but I do know for myself that I feel phenomenal & will definitely be going back. The location was easy to get to within the City of Fburg and had ample parking. I really cannot say enough good things about Erica Heppe!" - Maria B. from Yelp 1/2/17

" Dr. Erica is amazing!
I was pretty skeptical about coming to a Chiro after I heard many complaints about people and feeling worse after being treated by one. I guess they must of went to a poorly educated Chiro as I can't say that about my experiences or my wife's.
I researched and started coming right after a bad car accident and I can't be any happier. My issues were pretty complicated but she broke it all down for me, and helped explain to me things I can do in my free time to speed up my recovery. I've been going 2x per week and WOW. I feel so much better, I recommend her to anyone needing some help. Her prices are also budget friendly, and accepts most insurances :). I will be moving to Fairfax in 3 weeks, and I'm certain I will commute down to Fredericksburg each week just to see her. Well worth it." - Bobby E. from Yelp 7/25/17

"By far the most in depth exam I've ever had! I felt the best I have in awhile thanks to Dr. Heppe!" - Heidi P.

"Dr. Heppe is a skilled chiropractor and family doctor. I can come in with my entire body hurting and somehow she manages to make it all feel better in a single treatment. She also impressed me with her pediatric experience and ability to gently help her younger patients. She is a great choice for all your holistic family needs. - Christina C.

" I am over 80 and have a lot of low back pain. My primary doctor told me I had bursitis on my hips causing all the pain. Dr. Heppe adjusted me with her special table and found knots in my outer leg muscles. After a few treatments my hip and low back pain went away. I now refer all my friends to her." - Alfred R.

"Dr. Heppe not only helped with my low back pain, but a few weeks after my first adjustment I got pregnant! My husband and I struggled with infertility and chiropractic was a last ditch effort. Dr. Heppe stressed that chiropractic is not a treatment for infertility, but she would help me with my low back pain and see what happened. I tell everyone that she is the reason I'm expecting my first child." - Liz

"I started seeing Dr. Heppe after headaches at work became unbearable. After a few visits I went a whole day at work without a single headache!" - Jason R.

Dr. Mcmurray, Campbell CA

Dr. Mcmurray, Campbell CA

"Erica Heppe has returned to Fredericksburg, VA to open her practice with her husband Scott.
My name is Michael McMurray D.C., C.C.S.P. Dr. Erica Heppe spent her Internship in my office. I have had over 85 interns in my office over the past 30 years. I can say without hesitation she is not only a brilliant Chiropractor she is a very caring Doctor.
She has been trained in the most scientifically documented technics in Chiropractic. She has passed her Advanced Proficiency exams in the number one non-force technic in Chiropractic and the number one method of reducing disc bulges in the spine. She uses the latest FDA approved Activator instrument to provide safe and effective adjustments to the spine. The results she gets treating the Spine and extremities are nothing less than outstanding.
Dr. Heppe is one of the few Doctors in your region using the latest FDA approved instrument known as a “Cox table”, this approach has been proven to reduce disc bulges in the lower back and cervical spine. If a person has chronic lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, pain down the arm or mid-back pain, Dr. Heppe is the most well equipped Doctor of Chiropractic to handle these cases. Dr. Heppe has many case studies that support she can help the most sever spinal conditions.She will provide you with an excellent Diagnosis and let you know (based on science) when you will be well.
- Dr. Michael McMurray, Campbell CA

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